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Unit testing Databricks notebooks

A simple way to unit test notebooks is to write the logic in a notebook that accepts parameterized inputs, and a separate test notebook that contains assertions. The sample project contains two demonstration notebooks: The normalize_orders notebook processes a list of Orders and a list of OrderDetails into a joined list, taking into account […]


Resolving Azure Function Key Vault secrets in local development

When using the @Microsoft.KeyVault(SecretUri=…) syntax for App Service configuration in Azure Functions, these settings are not resolved when debugging locally. The following script resolves such secret references to their values. After verifying the output file local.settings.tmp, overwrite local.settings.json with it. cat local.settings.json \ | jq -r  ‘.Values[]|select(startswith(“@”))|match(“SecretUri=(.*)\\\\)”).captures[0].string’ \  | sort -u | xargs -n1 az […]